Seeing the Light, Video Installation, 2008-2009

The enlarged photos (32”x 24”) were  seen in a darkened room, lit by incandescence and incorporating 
video projection. 
In the video the girls seek their own vision in the act of hiding, while reciting and reinterpreting
the lighting of the Sabbath candles.


self/cell, Video Installation, 2006

The self/cell series revels in the hidden philosophical, aesthetic, and emotional space concealed in
what’s traditionally
 marginalized as “science”, exploring the language of the body and the imagination
beneath the glaring light of technology.


Box  Boxing,
 Video Installation, 2005

A series of videos and photographs re-examining the inner life of boys, emphasizing their uniqueness
and sensitivity i
n a culture that goes to great lengths to discourage it.



S’aline’s Solution 
(9 minutes VHS on DVD, 1991)

 I made this video as a testament to the painful yet powerful right of women to choose. I wanted to find a
voice for the pain, an acknowledgment of the courage involved in choosing to have an abortion- a voice I
felt had been silenced in our culture.